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March 14, 2010

who moved my zafu 座蒲 ?

Oh how we hang on to things - talk about "who moved my cheese" - indeed. 

So many people I've worked with or studied with, desperately try to protect and hide what they have or know and they get terribly jealous if someone else has a similar idea/plan/goal/ etc. etc. "Incredible" you cry out, justifiably, "isn't buddhism about letting go?". Oh yes - it is, but how few of the practitioners of today actually achieve this. How few can truly drop off body and mind (shinjin datsuraku) ; detach themselves from possession - and remember, thoughts are possessions also. 

Why oh why, do so many people feel the need to hide what they've gathered or only share it with a chosen few? Instead of hanging on to stuff, what if we let it go?' Once we've attained something, it has been attained. Why then, do we insist on hanging on to it? Maybe someone else out there would like to have a go!

Joshu was asked,
"When a man comes to you with nothing, what do you say to him?"
Joshu replied, "Throw it away!"

A close friend and mentor told me; when you catch the fish, throw away the net; when you've understood the sense, throw away the words!

晴 雲 法 声 seiun hosei _/|\_

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